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Unlock your full potential and begin your journey to scale rental business, accelerate your company growth and automate all operational processes.

You will access to dozens of dedicated courses divided by macro categories. You will find the answer to the needs of your business and can train your team to the fullest.

With our courses and webinars you can find out all skills and assets needed to scale the rental business, with the testimonials of entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Thanks to the Car Rental Academy you will acess to the Operational Training of MyRent™ in order to create an autonomous and valuable rental team!.


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The First Completely Digital Car Rental Academy

Macro categories and dozens of topics completely dedicated to the rental business, to understand strategies implementation, process management and business skills. Find out the operational trainings for you and your team, available for all MyRent customers.

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Business & Strategy

Courses dedicated to the best business strategies to use in the rental industry, to take your business to the next level.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is now a requirement and a necessary step for every company. Find out our best tips and tools to digitize your rental business and increase bookings and revenue.

Car Dealership Transformation

A section of courses dedicated to the industry of dealership to discover together the 4 Pillars which make rental business a strength of your car dealer.


Marketing tips to increase your online presence and create automations which can increase your leads.

Process Management

Want to find out how the biggest entrepreneurs in the industry focus on growing their business? By adopting strategies and tools for process management, one of the topics that we care about most.

Operational Training

Unpublished operational training and webinars available for all MyRent™ customers. Train your rental team with our Customer Success Managers and don’t miss any tips of our team of experts.